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The Summerhill Group is a top London consulting firm. We are a market research agency and management consulting company.


Management consultants with an entrepreneurial approach.

A new methodology for management consulting:

Our management consulting team leverages our agile, 'startup' approach to solving our clients business challenges and helping them to identify new opportunities.

We've worked with hundreds of start-ups and understand how to cost effectively, rapidly solve problems and deploy products, in a way most consultants don't and many large organisations struggle with. 

Deliver performance improvement & turnarounds.

Create or assess new opportunities, products and markets.

Define your strategy, and support M&A activity. 

Strategic, analytical, resourceful and entrepreneurial. 

Our typical projects:

  • New venture development

  • Strategic reviews

  • Strategic growth planning

  • Strategy consulting

  • Feasibility assessments

  • Investment readiness 

  • Commercial due diligence

  • Business plans

  • Turnarounds

  • Growth strategy

  • Operating models

  • Board reports

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Acting as an extension of your team.

We work as part of your team to:

  • Examine your business portfolio to identify strategic growth initiatives

  • Target opportunities that take advantage of your business's strengths

  • Investigate ways to make more money from things you’ve already paid for

  • Model a longer-term vision for your business

Credible Experience.

Recent client case studies:

A new strategy for a £2b retail business unit.



Led a 4-month engagement to identify a new strategy for a £2b retail business unit as it moved from a period of high growth into a maturity phase.

What we did:

Identified the need to shift strategy from pure customer acquisition to driving value from (and for) existing customers.


How we did it:

The team analysed significant customer data (10m + customers) to understand their behaviour, spend and what actions were required to maintain profitability as penetration slowed. 

Preparing a tech business for investment.



We were engaged by the CEO of a fast growing technology business, with turnover of £12m, seeking private equity investment.

What we did:

We helped the business assess its current strengths, then built a business plan around the highest ROI areas for deploying investors' funds.

How we did it:
We reviewed and analysed financial data, online analytics, customer and other data, using our investment readiness methodology. We also conducted research on the market to quantify new opportunities. 

Prioritising investment for a co-working space.



A growing creator space, restaurant and events facility wanted to identify where to make investments in staffing and facilities to maximise return. 

What we did:

We built an operating model and helped the business avoid costly investments in facilities that were unable to generate a significant return.


How we did it:

We reviewed their current business model, operating costs, and finances. Ultimately, we built a utilisation rate model for each of their facilities and helped understand where investment was warranted and where it wasn't. 

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