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Tech in the UK: Confident in the face of Brexit

On the May 2 2019, we joined our colleagues at the Tech London Advocates (TLA) Investor Showcase 2.0 in the Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park in East London.

The session was a good opportunity to hear from the rest of the tech industry and also get a sense of how the evolving uncertainty of Brexit was impacting investment sentiment. Raising capital continued to be identified as an issue for tech companies, but most remained optimistic that London would remain the home of European tech innovation and investment. This was echoed by most of the active VC investors at the session.

The event corresponded with the release of a survey conducted by TLA, echoing this same confidence:

Russ Shaw, founder of TLA told us that: "one thing has become clear throughout the Brexit process, despite political uncertainty the strength and resilience of UK tech has never come into question. The spirit, ambition and sheer excellence of tech entrepreneurs has proved unrelenting and refused to falter."


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