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The Summerhill Group is a top London consulting firm. We are a market research agency and management consulting company.


Launching new products and businesses

We are serial entrepreneurs with a track record quickly and inexpensively launching new products and businesses in the market

Few companies succeed in the long term if they don’t continually reinvent their offerings.
But product failures are expensive and, unfortunately, common.


Even the largest companies sometimes fall short when bringing new products to market.

The good news is that many of the problems underlying these failures are preventable. The economic attractiveness of new (and existing) products can reveal itself via thorough examination of market, channel and customer behaviours.


Add an understanding of competitors, cost dynamics and capabilities to the mix and you’re looking at untapped opportunities for new product concepts.

Our start-up methodology,
and customer-first lens can help:

Our approach is to bring a customer-centric lens, with a lean, agile, startup methodology to new product development (NPD) processes. We're focused on enabling innovation.

How we help clients:


  • Understanding customer needs — both met and unmet — through your own product offerings and those of competitors in order to identify new opportunities.

  • Creating an internal process for seizing new product opportunities.

  • Assisting in uncovering new product opportunities in existing and new markets.

  • Developing and testing new product concepts.

  • Building go-to-market product launch plans.

  • Identifying ways to commercialise all data collected.

  • Identifying other ancillary revenue strategies.

  • Identifying areas where existing products need to be repositioned or rationalised.

  • Looking for opportunities to reduce development time and costs.

  • Creating an innovation capability within your organisation.

Launch better products, cost effectively

Benefits of working with us can include:

  1. Reduced costs from fewer product failures

  2. Increased revenues from increased capability of capturing new opportunities

  3. Faster time to market due to a more streamlined innovation and product development process

Credible Experience

Recent client case studies:

Route to market for a breakfast retail product.


Leveraging our deep experience in grocery retail, an existing breakfast cafe business commissioned us to help them understand the route to market for a new granola product, designed for grocery multiples.

What we did:

We built a route to market plan, including financial forecasts, covering manufacturing, logistics, distribution, saes and marketing. They used this to successfully raise investment to fund the new product. 

How we did it:
We conducted in-store research to understand the potential positioning of the product, level of competition, and gaps in the market. 

Establishing a new OOH advertising business. 



We worked with a startup on a mission to create out of home advertising opportunities in under-utilised public spaces. 

What we did:

We helped them evaluate and decide on a number of routes-to-market, as well as establishing KPIs to use during a product trial. We then acted as advisors to their leadership team during their early trading. 

How we did it:
We used our experience working with dozens of startups and early stage businesses (many of our team are entrepreneurs), to help our client structure their decision making and evaluate opportunities.

Designing a product roadmap for a SaaS client.



We were approached by a SaaS platform, targeting the private equity market, who was facing increased competition. 

What we did:

We helped them understand their global competitive position and streamline their product roadmap to capture key opportunities. 

How we did it:

Working with their founder, we started with a strategy workshop to understand their current business. We then conducted an extensive market research program on the US and European markets to benchmark their product against others. 

How can we help you?

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