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Designing and deploying the right market research

Good market and customer research can help save time, money and resources by using both quantitative and qualitative data to help drive product / market fit and enable good decision making - with customers at the heart.

Our team have spent their careers designing research for both start-ups, growing companies and large FTSE-250 brands. We take a unique, entrepreneurial and agile approach, that typically uses several research methods together:

Customer Behaviour

Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Quantitative Survey Research

Market Sizing

Qualitative Attitude Research

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Asking the right questions. 

We help clients answer a range of questions:

  • What do our customers think?

  • What is the right market / fit for our product?

  • Where should we devote more resources?

  • What are competitors doing in the market?

  • Are we missing customer segments?

  • How are customers behaving?

  • What is happening in a potential new market?


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Designing research that enables decisions.

At its core, market intelligence uses multiple sources of information to create a broad picture of the company's market, customers, problems, competition and growth potential for new products and services.


This information can be used to shape and build a successful business model, innovate products and services, develop marketing strategies and keep your customers coming back.  

Designing the right mix of research is critical. 

Broad market research expertise. 

Some of our most common market research projects & tools include:

  • Competitor Intelligence

  • Customer Research

  • Market Intelligence

  • Surveys

  • Focus Groups

  • Market Sizing

  • Market Entry Strategy

  • Customer Acquisition

  • Customer Loyalty & Retention

  • EPOS & Loyalty Data Analysis

  • Unlocking "big data"

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Customer Communications

  • Industry Reports

  • Market Analysis

  • Due Diligence

  • Resource Allocation

  • Marketing Plan Review

  • Store Intercepts

  • New Market Entry Strategy

Credible experience:

Recent client case studies:

Car Park


Customer attitudes for a car sales platform.


An early stage, online car marketplace commissioned us to help them understand customer needs as they designed their platform.

What we did:

We helped the board understand customer attitudes, by demographic. This enabled them to build a proposition around customer types most likely to engage with their platform. 

How we did it:

We designed and implemented a large quantitative survey of more than 1,200 customers. We also conducted qualitative face-to-face interviews with prospective customers to understand pain points in more detail.

Display of Stock Market Quotes


Global research for a new FinTech / SaaS platform.


We were approached by a SaaS platform, targeting the private equity market, who was facing increased competition. 

What we did:

We helped them understand their global competitive position, and streamline their product roadmap to capture key opportunities. 

How we did it:

Working with their founder, we started with a strategy workshop to understand their current business. We then conducted an extensive market research programme targeting both the US and European markets to benchmark their product against others. 

3D Printing


Market for 3D printed auto accessories.


We were appointed by a University-backed producer of 3D-printed, carbon fibre auto parts. 

What we did:
We helped develop a business plan, based on ranking the attractiveness of certain automotive segments. 


How we did it:

We sized their potential market in the UK, Europe and Asia, according to specific niches.  


How can we help you?

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