Our team of business plan consultants have helped our clients raise £225m since 2016

Recognised as the leading business plan consultants in the UK, we have been trusted by hundreds of entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs to help them raise more than £225m from UK and international investors. We understand what investors are looking for and how to build a compelling business plan that withstands scrutiny. 


We don't just write a business plan, we help you build a powerful investor proposition and sales tool

We don't use templates, or outsource the work because a good business plan is more than just a collection of numbers: it should tell a compelling story to investors. We know what works and what doesn't. We build a narrative around your business and whats happening in the UK investment world to increase your appeal.


Our clients are typically raising £500k - £60m in both debt and equity from sources including: private equity, banks, venture capital, angel investors, angel syndicates, crowd funding, grants and other investors.

 ​Examples of investors in our clients include:

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A fast, affordable process and methodology developed over hundreds of business plan projects

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Working with us is designed to be simple, fast and pain-free.

We have developed a process that enables you to focus on running your business, while we check-in at key decision points. We start each project with a workshop session to gather all the information we need in start building your strategy, narrative and business plan.

In 2018, the UK Business Angels Association recognised our contribution to the industry, by shortlisting us for the prestigious Best New Entrant to the Startup Ecosystem award. We are also members of Tech London Advocates and intimately connected to the UKs startup & funding eco-system.


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We offer both fixed-price packages designed for the size of your raise, or operate on a traditional consulting model

We offer 3 fixed price packages for business plan writing, that vary in scope, depth and price to fit the size of your business and raise.

  • Business Plan Writing

  • Pitch Deck & Teaser Creation

  • Exit Strategy Development

  • Due Diligence Prep / Reviews

  • Strategy / Narrative Workshops

  • Investor Identification & Strategy

We work with ambitious founders, investment professionals and corporate innovators


  • You have launched an MVP and have traction in the market, and need a Series A or Series B round.

  • You have traction in the UK and need capital to expand into a new country of territory. 

  • You have a business model that works and need capital to increase customer acquisition and / or marketing.

  • You need help scaling your business and are looking for financing and strategic advice. 


  • You have an existing, successful business with a customer base and need capital to grow more quickly.

  • Your industry is going through a period of change or consolidation, and you need to increase the pace of growth.

  • You want to enter a new market or launch a new product, and need additional capital to finance it.

  • You are thinking about exiting the business and want to maximise shareholder value in the medium to long term.

Credible Experience.

We are sector agnostic, but typically work with companies in: tech (FinTech; SaaS, InsureTech; MarTech), hospitality, leisure (restaurants, hotels, property), retail, e-commerce and consumer goods, oil & gas, construction and more. 

Examples include:


Transforming fundraising for a SaaS platform.


  • We were approached by a SaaS platform for investment banks that, despite initial interest from investors, was struggling to close. 


  • We reviewed their pitch material and built a new business plan with a compelling narrative and strong visuals. 

  • The new approach transformed the funding round, which closed significantly oversubscribed. 


Helping a robo-advisor raise debt + equity finance


  • We helped an existing mortgage advisory firm move into the robo-advisory space.


  • We produced their business plan and pitch deck material specifically focusing on growth potential and the existing success of their current business model.

  • They successfully raised a debt/equity round via corporate venturing in 2018.

  • We are currently working with them to build a new business plan as the business enters a growth phase, enabling them to raise even more capital.


Preparing an
e-commerce retailer to scale.


  • We worked with an e-commerce retailer (£1.8m in revenue, 100% YoY growth, no outside funding), build a business case for investment over an 8-12 month period. 


  • We helped them identify and focus on metrics that would appeal to investors.

  • We continued to help perfect their approach as they worked to prepare the business to be able to prove investors funds could be deployed in a way that would generate a strong ROI. 


Designing the business model for a co-working space


  • We worked with the tenant of a large, commercial space who wanted to transform the venue into a multi-story co-working and members space.


  • We designed their strategy and developed a revenue model that demonstrated the number of desks and occupancy space that was necessary for the business to be viable. 

  • The business plan and pitch deck was then used with the landlord to allow them to make the change, and with investors to finance it


First UK location for a restaurant franchise.


  • We worked to develop a business plan for the first UK location of a 200+ location restaurant franchise, already active in China, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. 


  • We worked with the team to help them build an investment case, understand costs and staffing structure, then secure visas for staff from the UK government and space from property developers. 


Helping a healthcare practice expand to a bigger location


  • We worked with a successful and growing cosmetic surgery practise, who needed to raise financing to move into larger offices, and hire a bigger team, removing capacity constraints on their growth.


  • We reviewed their historical finances, spoke to their team, understood the size and scope of their database, and designed a business plan that clearly demonstrated the size of the opportunity by moving to a new location. 

  • The business plan we produced was use both to convince the landlord of the viability of the business, and to convince the bank to provide financing to enable the move.

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