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We help our clients build business cases that withstand scrutiny and unlock investment

We have worked with hundreds of clients as business case writing consultants to build business cases that make compelling, concise arguments, grounded in data, and which enable senior decision makers and boards to make informed decisions that unlock investment. Examples of recent projects include enabled decisions on:


  • Investing in new products

  • Building a new warehouse

  • Prioritising investment areas

  • Completing an M&A transaction


  • Entering a new market

  • Launching a joint venture

  • Renovating a co-working space

  • Investing in a turnaround


  • Hiring a new employee / team

  • Maintaining an existing team

  • Delivering process improvement

  • Hiring a leadership team

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We don't just write a business case, we help you build a compelling business argument, grounded in data

We don't use templates, or outsource the work because a good business case is more than just a collection of numbers: it should making a clear, compelling argument. We are consultants and work with you to get the information we need from all stakeholders before distilling it into a clear, compelling narrative that enables a decision by:

  • PLC Boards

  • Operating Boards

  • Management Teams

  • Executive Teams

  • CEOs, CFOs, MDs

  • HR Managers

  • Senior Managers

  • Investors & Investment Committees

We develop the right output for your audience, ranging from a short board memo to a full business plan. 

Our consulting team have written business cases for the plc boards of FTSE-250 companies (like Tesco and Sainsbury's), for investment committees (including at Goldman Sachs) and hundreds of startups.

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We offer both fixed-price packages designed for the size of your raise, or operate on a traditional consulting model

We offer fixed price packages for business case writing, that vary in scope, depth and price to fit the size of your project and the output you need.

How can we help you?

If you have a  project or business challenge you're looking for help solving,
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